Benny the Whale Reading at the Seaway Mall

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Benny the Whale reading at the Seaway Mall today. It was great seeing some familiar faces and getting to meet everyone! I was super excited for my first reading of Benny the whale and it was a great day. I was also really really impressed with all the entries in the Benny the whale coloring contest. Thanks so much to everyone who participated! There was some really great work, and It was very tough having to pick just 3 winners. It was also a great pleasure getting to meet Matteo one of the winners, who is working on his own book about a turtle, Good luck with it!

Thanks also to the Seaway Mall, and Welland EarlyOn center for having me. It was a real pleasure! and congrats again to all the winners of the coloring contest!


I’m very excited to say, I’m officially sold out of my first run of “Benny the whale goes to Niagara Falls” big thanks to family, friends, and everyone who has supported me in this venture. The support has been overwhelming, and I can’t really put into words how much it has meant to me, it really has been a lot of fun!

If you’re worried you missed your chance to get a copy, don’t worry the second run is underway, and I’m excited to announce with this second run I will be teaming up with the Niagara Region to help promote family reading here in Niagara. I also hope have a couple of other exciting announcements regarding Benny in the near future!

I look forward to reinvesting my time and energy into telling more stories, and hopefully bring more exposure to some of the great myths and legends and culture, we have here in Niagara. Thanks again for all the love everyone!

Some pics from the opening of “Canadian Myths and Legends”

Big thanks to everyone who came out Friday! It was a very special evening for Paula, Declan and I, and we really appreciate. The show will continue to run till Nov 28. I hope everyone is enjoying “Benny the whale goes to Niagara Falls”, and can’t wait to hear what people think! Thanks to my friend Eva from Philosophy Studios too, who took most of these great pics! I hope this show ill be the first of many, and look forward to painting more great tales and characters of Niagara’s history!

James Andrews

james andrews

I wanted to share a spooky Halloween tale about the painting of the man on my poster, James Andrews. It is a story involving a local legend, gold, and a ghost ship. Andrews and his ship left the port in Niagara this very day almost 240 years ago, never to be seen again.
James Andrews, was a Commodore, in the British Navy, and he and his ship, the HMS Ontario set sail on Halloween, Oct 31, 1780. The HMS Ontario was the largest British warship in the Great Lakes at that time, and was to sail from Fort Niagara to Fort Haldimand in Oswego when it was caught in an Autumn Nor’easter and destroyed.

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