The bad old man

Jubal Early – Also known as the “bad old man” or “old jube” who was a Confederate general in the American Civil War. He was born in Virginia and fled to Niagara-on-the-lake upon the defeat of the confederacy. He was famous for his views on the “lost cause” a set of beliefs held by the white south that depicted the confederate cause as a heroic one against great odds. He was also famous for demanding $300,000 from the residents of the city of Frederick, Maryland, who were unwelcoming towards the Confederates, threatening to raze their town if they did not submit to his demand. The city’s residents paid the ransom. Ironically Niagara-on-the-lake was also the end of the underground railroad, and Early and many other of the high ranking confederate brass (who were hiding out) ended up living in the same part of town as the freed slaves they had fought so vehemently to oppress. That must have made for some uncomfortable block parties!

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