Well I think I’ve finally wrapped up my first children’s book, “Benny the whale goes to Niagara Falls” definitely alot of fun!¬† I have to admit though I am looking forward to drawing some stuff that isn’t whales for a while! Here’s the last page I finished which is the Niagara-on-the-Lake page, where Benny’s dad enters the mouth of the Niagara River looking for him.

Tiago Hoisel, Technique, and relevant Canadian Brazilian relations

Tiago Hoisel is a Brazilian Illustrator and 3D artist who I’ve admired for some time. He recently posted these videos which demonstrate his creative process. I’m not sure how they were recorded in respect to the¬†timeline, but regardless the techniques he uses are very interesting, in particular the one where he begins with a shaded sphere. I also stumbled upon some interesting funding options that allow Canadian and Brazilian artists to work together. I have included the link and some details below.

A simple video showing a bit of one of my creative processes.
It’s experimental, a kind of a brainstorm trying some different designs, so some of them may work, some not.

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