Some pics from the opening of “Canadian Myths and Legends”

Big thanks to everyone who came out Friday! It was a very special evening for Paula, Declan and I, and we really appreciate. The show will continue to run till Nov 28. I hope everyone is enjoying “Benny the whale goes to Niagara Falls”, and can’t wait to hear what people think! Thanks to my friend Eva from Philosophy Studios too, who took most of these great pics! I hope this show ill be the first of many, and look forward to painting more great tales and characters of Niagara’s history!

James Andrews

james andrews

I wanted to share a spooky Halloween tale about the painting of the man on my poster, James Andrews. It is a story involving a local legend, gold, and a ghost ship. Andrews and his ship left the port in Niagara this very day almost 240 years ago, never to be seen again.
James Andrews, was a Commodore, in the British Navy, and he and his ship, the HMS Ontario set sail on Halloween, Oct 31, 1780. The HMS Ontario was the largest British warship in the Great Lakes at that time, and was to sail from Fort Niagara to Fort Haldimand in Oswego when it was caught in an Autumn Nor’easter and destroyed.

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Well I think I’ve finally wrapped up my first children’s book, “Benny the whale goes to Niagara Falls” definitely alot of fun!  I have to admit though I am looking forward to drawing some stuff that isn’t whales for a while! Here’s the last page I finished which is the Niagara-on-the-Lake page, where Benny’s dad enters the mouth of the Niagara River looking for him.

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