While writing my post on Jon Klassen; the children’s book author, illustrator, and animator, I was fascinated to discover an interview where he credited animated sources as the primary inspiration for his books. I then began to wonder if I myself was more influenced by illustrations and still images or animation and multimedia? I also began to speculate if it made a difference, and I think it does. In animation you are forced to think of composition in a restricted manner, and line of action and poses must be considered from a different perspective.

This got me thinking of the Canadian National film board  (NFB), an institution respected around the world for moving the mediums of animation and film forward for many years.

Here are a couple that have stood out to me over the years many with  a bit of Canadian flare.

Log Driver’s Waltz  –  Directed by John Weldon – 1979

Wild Life – Directed by Amanda Forbis & Wendy Tilby – 2011
Nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Short at the 2012 Academy Awards

Walking – Directed by Ryan Larkin – 1968

Nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Short at the 1970 Academy Awards

The Big Snit  –   directed by Richard Condie – 1985

Nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Short at the 1986 Academy Awards

Mr. Frog Went A-Courting
Directed by Evelyn Lambart – 1974

Directed by Torill Kove – 2006
Winner of the 2007 Oscar for Best Short Animation

Directed by Chris Landreth  –  2004
Winner of the 2005 Oscar for Best Short Animation

There are also two NFB productions that are currently nominated for the 2016 best animated short, their trailers can be watched below, some interesting stuff.

In this whirling, twirling automotive waltz, carefree cars cavort in all directions to the tune of “Que Sera, Sera,” while the black ooze that fuels them is unremittingly pumped from Mother Earth. If Busby Berkeley and Mel Brooks were asked to co-direct the apocalypse, it might look like this uproarious festival of destruction—the ultimate spectacle for our Big Oil-based civilization. Let the games begin!

Directed by Cordell Barker  –  2014



You can visit the NFB’s homepage, or check out its youtube playlists at the links below, to explore some very inspirational stuff.

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